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Bel Air Series

Wear Layer: 20 mil High Density vinyl
Plank Dimensions: W 7” x L 48” x T 3/16”
Pallet Dimensions: W 40” x L 49” x H 29.5”
Surface Treatment: Polyurethane with antimicrobial finish on top wear layer
Material: Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Plank with fibreglass core, non-slip padded backing
Box: 23.35 sqft/box

10 planks per box
Pallet: 1284.25 sqft 

55 boxes per pallet
Box: 41.6 lbs. (18.9 kg)
Pallet: 2288 lbs. (1037.8 kg)
Sound Transmission (IIC): 57 (72-100 with sound-barrier underlay)

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