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At Floorama, we strive to create spaces you dream to spent time in. Using best materials, and innovative technology, we transform your basement in a beautiful, modern space that offers comfort and fits your lifestyle. Like any other Floorama project, the basement development is executed on time, on budget and according to customer's specifications.


We believe that a great project always starts with good planning and careful design. With so many options available, it is often difficult to decide which choice is the right choice for your next flooring project. We are here for you and ready to offer practical advise and design consultation, tailored to your needs, wants, and budget.


Our team always puts quality first. We are committed to offer to our customers modern, robust, and durable flooring options. Give us a try and will exceed  your expectations! Our expertise as well as the materials we use, recommend us as one of the best companies in the flooring industry  in Edmonton and  beyond.


We offer free estimate for any flooring project. Big or small, your project is our priority and we will make sure you will be satisfied!


We are proud to be a full-service flooring company. Our team offers professional installation and can undertake any flooring and tile installation project anywhere in Edmonton and surrounding area. 


Financing options available. Ask us for more details.

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